365Dining is a cutting-edge flexible technology platform for the modern foodservice operator.



Bringing More to the Table


Create new dining opportunities or expand your location's foodservice options with our forward-thinking dining technology that includes comprehensive capabilities and multiple functionalities, under one easy to manage platform.

  • Cashier and/or self-service modes 
  • Your very own Kitchen Management System 
  • Intuitive, customizable dining experiences
  • Easily connect any MicroMarket POS to the Dining platform with the 365 Connected Campus

OrderAhead is the first-ever mobile/online ordering dining experience within your location’s cafes offers more flexibility, safety and convenience. This innovative ordering technology allows locations to enjoy faster, hotter food on their timeline all from with a few clicks via the 365Pay app.

  • Offer an out-of-office foodservice experiences within your own café
  • Eliminate long lines and a worry-free checkout via 365Pay
  • Touchless café experience ensures safety concerns are addressed
  • Creates efficiency by allowing employees to skip the line

Something new is coming soon to 365Dining!  

Stay tuned to learn how 365Dining is offering you and your consumers with more café enhancements.

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